The Giver


Why Sameness is possible  if Jonas on his way to Elsewhere recognize colors and birds in the trees? How could be imaginable a society which has decided to leave only with functional and a destiny defined by a council of elders? Sameness is the space for genetics and birthmoters only have been chosen by reproduce. Is it possible a society without pain, so perfectly where there aren´t possibility to match mistakenly for a marriage?

However, Jonas could know that his society lived without love when the giver transmit this feeling in a memory: “On the floor there were packages wrapped in brightly colored and tied with gleaming ribbons. As Jonas watched, a small child began to pick up the packages and pass them around the room: to other children, to adults who were obviously parents, and to an older, quiet couple, man and woman, who sat smiling together on a couch”. 1. Jonas found out that there were cries of delight where they hugged one another.

Jonas could criticize his own society “if everything´s the same, then there aren´t any choices” 2. He found he was often angry, now that his groupmates were satisfied which had none of the vibrant his own was taking ownership. And he was angry at himself, that he could not change that for them. 3

However, I think Jonas changed his position when the Giver transmit the memory of war: “The cries of the wounded men, the cries begging for water and for Mother and for death”4. “Jonas did not want to go back. He didn´t want the memories, didn´t want the honor (to be receiver),  the wisdom or the pain. He wants his childhood again, his crapes knees and ball games. He sat in his dwelling alone, watching through the window, seeing children at play, citizens bicycling home from uneventful days at work. 5

The attraction of Seamless is a life without pain. The function of the Giver precisely is keeping the memory of the past to avoid pain to others in this community, but the price who pays is his own pain and a feeling of loneliness. As Jonas said: “The worst pain of holding the memories is not the pain. It´s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared”6.

Why failed Rosemary, the first receiver before Jonas? The Giver said “But she was like you, Jonas, she want to experience everything. She knew that it was her responsibility. And so she asked me for more difficult memories… And I gave her loneliness. And I gave her loss. I transferred a memory of a child taken from his parents”. 7 Furthermore, The giver gave her anguish of many kinds. Poverty, hunger, and terror. We know the result, Rosemary asked to be released, metaphor of dead in Sameness.

Jonas left Sameness and escapes with the little Gabriel, who names gay, before Jonas´s father condemn him to be released. Meanwhile the giver transmits memories of courage in the journey to Elsewhere. They wanted to break the structure of sameness. When Jonas approached the summit of the hill he began suddenly to feel happy. He remembered his past and found the sled that was waiting for him.

When Jonas received his first training the giver gave this image of the same sled, snow and the hill that was coming for many generations back. Jonas was stopped by the obstruction piled of snow. But now, Jonas would go downward and faster. The music in the Giver gave him ability to go beyond and liberate the darkness of the same. I hope so it was not only an echo.


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